The Alaskan Sailing Adventure of a Lifetime

Alaska Adventure Sailing welcomes you on the sailing adventure of a lifetime!

Explore Alaskan Hot Springs and Glaciers! This is the perfect adventure for sailors, hikers, anglers, kayakers and standup paddle boarders from mild to wild for friends and families. We put you behind the helm and on the sails.

There is still limited space for the 2023 season.

“The ultimate in joy and fun.”

“Exploring the most beautiful place with the most competent guide having the most fun and joy. My second trip with Captain Hoock and I can't believe it took 6 years to come back (well, there were a few broken bones and a pandemic in between). The experience of sailing with the Captain and friends is truly the highlight of my already adventurous and experience-filled life!”

Mary S.     Date of experience: May 2022

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kiteboarding off our vessel seen at the end of the video!

Best. Vacation. Ever.”

“We did a six-day trip from Petersburg to Juneau. We started with a visit to LeConte glacier with icebergs everywhere, some with seals on them, and we saw huge chunks of ice breaking off into the water. We saw humpback whales probably every day of the trip. There were also sea lions, bioluminescent plankton, otters, and porpoises in the water. We kayaked up a stream with spawning salmon. We had the good fortune to see a brown bear near us on shore. We must have seen dozens of bald eagles. It was like watching Planet Earth but live and in person! We had some on-shore excursions including a visit to a fantastic natural hot spring as well as some good hiking.

My only regret is that we didn't take a longer trip. I highly recommend Alaska Adventure Sailing – if you are thinking of booking a trip, do it! It was truly a life-changing experience for everyone in my group and we would love to do it again!”

Melissa    Date of experience: July 2021
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Food aboard S/V Arcturus is always a delight. Expect fresh, delicious, home made meals —Captain Hoock has a reputation as a bit of a gourmet chef! Unlike other charters, group participation with cooking is encouraged, though not required. If you choose, you could help the captain make dinner, which might be some salmon caught during the day’s travels if you so choose.


S/V Arcturus is built to be exceptionally tough—it’s a true expedition sailing vessel, not a luxury yacht. This 60-foot steel-hull expedition sailing ship, built to conduct research, comfortably meets all the challenges of exploring Alaska, including the ability to break through pack ice and push right up to the face of glaciers.

The ship sleeps up to 6 passengers, plus the captain. There are four staterooms; three are double-occupancy rooms with either a full bed or bunks. The vessel also has a sizable great room off the galley for dining, relaxing, playing games, and even enjoying costume parties. (Yes, Captain Hoock will encourage you to pack a costume!)

Captain Louis Hoock started Alaska Adventure Sailing out of a passion for adventure, taking people to places they wouldn't ordinarily have the resources to go. He has taught sailing, and has shared his passion for environmental stewardship, but his strength lies in his enthusiasm and ability to share adventure with others. The New Mexico native got the sailing bug when he moved to Alaska for college and bought a sailboat as his home; though he will claim to have been born on the crest of a wave.

After graduating, he started a successful non-profit organization called Coastal Footprint focused on environmental stewardship and sailed over a quarter of the way around the world doing beach clean-ups. Captain Hoock then joined the NOAA Corps (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration as a Commissioned Officer) and served a sea tour on a 224 foot research vessel. Over the years he has also captained whale-watching tours. The one thing he has held onto throughout all his own explorations is his love for sharing his adventures with others. All you need is an open heart and an open mind and Captain Hoock will offer you a unique trip of a lifetime.